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  1. What is MarketView Broker?

  2. What if My MLS Is Not Listed When Signing up Online?

  3. What Are the Different Features of the Search Bar?

  4. What Are Watchlists?

  5. Which Listing Classes Are Included in Marketview Broker?

  6. How Do I Run a Report?

  7. What Can I Search for in the Search Box?

  8. How Are "Firms" Defined in Marketview Broker?

  9. How Far Back Can I View Activity?

  10. What Is %Share?

  11. What Is %Change?

  12. How Do I Save a Search?

  13. Where Do I View My Saved Searches?

  14. How Often Does MarketView Broker Update?

  15. How Do I Look at an Agent's Activity?

  16. How Do I Draw Custom Areas?

  17. Can I See a Summary of My Office's Data?

  18. How Can I See a Segment of My Offices Sales by Agent?

  19. Can I Limit My Search Only to New Construction?

  20. How Can I Search for Agents in My Market by Percent Change?

  21. How Can I Find Agents Who Are Moderate Producers Who Have Had a Good (or Bad) Year?

  22. How Can I Find Agents That Have an Office Close to Mine?

  23. How Do I Find Agents in Specific Offices?

  24. How Do I See the Long-Term Stats of an Agent, Office or Firm?

  25. I Want to Keep a Close Eye on Specific Agents I Am Trying to Recruit, So I Want to See When They Close on a House.

  26. How Can I Use Marketview Broker to Help With Monthly/Quarterly/Annual Production Awards?

  27. How Can I Print up Market Share Reports?

  28. How Many Records Can I Export at Once?

  29. Can I See Co-Op Agents?

  30. What Data Will I See When I Export Agents?

  31. Can I get a New Activation Link?

  32. Can I Reach Out to Support?

  33. Can I Login With a Google or Microsoft Account?

  34. Can I Filter the Latest Activity Module?

  35. How Are Units Calculated for Agents?

  36. What Data Will I See When I Export Offices?

  37. How Is Volume Calculated for Agents?

  38. What Is the Totals Column?

  39. Can I Filter My Agents by Property Type?

  40. Why Can't I See Email Addresses for Agents?

  41. Can I See Different Property Types in the Closed or Current Listings Detail Page?

  42. Are Property Types Shown in Email Updates?

  43. When Looking at the Production in the Co-Op Agents Tab, Why Can the Co-Op Units and Volume Differ When Looking at the Same Two Agents?

  44. Is There a Reason I Should Not Have Large Custom Areas?

  45. Can I Mix Property Types in Filters?

  46. When Seeing Agents "% Change" for a Date Range, What Date Range Is It Looking Into?

  47. Can Brower Extensions or Add-Ons Cause Problems?

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